Inside Pop

Inside Pop takes a deep dive inside the week in Pop Culture. Each week the hosts, Amita Patel and Sean David Johnson, bring their knowledge of the entertainment industry along with their diverse viewpoints to cover the stories you need to know about and care about. The duo bring a welcome diversity (they are African American and Indian American; Male and Female, Gay and Straight, Married and Single) into the pop culture podcasting landscape.



The Perfect Pod

Some people believe achieving a state of perfection is a noble goal, but ultimately impossible to achieve. I disagree wholeheartedly (which is a good thing, otherwise this podcast wouldn’t exist). Although they may be rare, I believe there are a great number of works created by musicians, writers and artists that can be defined as perfect.

The Perfect Podcast celebrates the highest achievements in music, film, literature, food, visual arts and more! In each episode I talk to a different person about the creations they believe achieve perfection. From the perfect short story to the perfect music video to the perfect cocktail to the perfect skyscraper – the show explores and celebrates the artists who have achieved the elusive, intimidating, confounding and 100% subjective state of . . . Perfection!

How do we define perfection? How is it achieved? Does perfection need to stand the test of time – or can it be ephemeral? Is it about a personal connection – or is there a need for certain inherent qualities?

These are some of the questions I hope to grapple with in each episode.